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Yo!!! Welcome to my site! I'm not very talented as far as html goes, so I decided to use Tripod as my base...Most of this site is for Hanson stuff, or pictures...maybe a little about me...I'm just posting this b/c my other site was getting too compliacted. I still update my other site, just not as often. Check it out below!!! It's called Zac Kingdom. I'll update as soon as I can on, enjoy!

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Ok, I updated the journal page; My life as a Book... and I am now a proud h.netter, look At the, yea...GO ME! :)

Not many Hanson updates here, but here are some if you're following me!







To HCL and Members


Thanks to all of you who are helping to make a destination site for HANSON info. You all go out and find the articles, pics, etc. and we wanted to say thanks for all your help.

Best Wishes,

THAT'S IT! lol...

ok, so yea...I updated that stuff....




Ok, this is the evil site!!! I'm at yearbook camp and I just erased all I wrote!!! So, I added a page: "My life as a book..." it's a journal type thingy...This is gonna be more used for Hanson updates: onward!!


*AshG is on

*Taylor was on the other day; he posted 6 times...awe sweety!!! Taylor's Profile

*Acloustic Tour!!!=for all you who have been out of the loop: The Hanson Acoustic Tour is here: Here are the dates I have tix to the chicago show!!!! I'm excited!!!! *sqeal*

*Hanson was on Jay Leno: Hitzdiary: Audio section

*Hanson on Hanson Takes it to the Clubs

*Netscape Celebrity Article Hanson: Long Frustrated, Hanson Now Ready to Tour

*Funny Article about Hanson: While I wasn't looking, Hanson got hott. A great quote from this: "Now that's a family tree I'd like to climb, build a fort in, and have a picnic. Oh! And if the Hanson and Lawrence trees were close enough together, I could hang a hammock." AMEN!!!


OK, I'll update as I get some more info...Later Days!!!



New site! Woohoo!! Today, I put pictures in, made this webspace, AND...uh...that's it...Check all the pages for etc...stuff... :)



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